Skeena Knowledge Trust

The Skeena Knowledge Trust is home to the Skeena Salmon Data Centre, the most comprehensive source of information on wild Pacific salmonids within the Skeena watershed

What we do

The SKT engages with members of community conservation organizations, First Nations, and the public on how to utilize the SSDC and SMP to find and share information, manage organization data, and produce maps.

our History

The idea for the Skeena Knowledge Trust (SKT) was born from the need to know what salmon ecosystem information exists in the Skeena River watershed and how it is changing.


The SKT is a purpose trust with registered Canadian charity status governed by the Skeena Knowledge Trust agreement and related SKT Information Management Framework and Annual Knowledge Plans



The Skeena Salmon Data Centre, managed by the SKT,  is the delivery tool aimed to compile and communicate credible data and knowledge relating to wild Pacific salmon in the Skeena watershed.   The SSDC serves out information in a variety of categories including

  • Salmon habitat
  • Salmon populations, including sustainable fisheries
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Riparian ecology
  • Topographic data and imagery
  • Infrastructure

Skeena Maps portal

The Skeena Maps Portal provides a collaborative mapping environment for organizations operating within the Skeena Watershed. 


The portal is intended to complement the spatial data stored within the Skeena Salmon Data Centre by providing expanded functionality to explore data, build maps, and share maps with collaborators.




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Skeena Knowledge Trust Team

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